Bicnet recognized quite early regarding the impending threat personal data that is stored on mobiles and the cloud. There are a number of proactive steps that can be taken to prevent the disasters waiting to happen.

Frequently backup your data and source code on an encrypted USB external HDD like the DigitalAsset. This will protect your data in event of any loss or theft of the HDD. Being protected by military grade AES 256-bit hardware encryption, anyone who tries to access the data without the correct PIN set by the user will be disappointed. Visit for more details.

Secure your passwords, encryption keys, API access tokens, coupons, e-wallets, documents, drawings etc., on a encrypted USB storage device such as DigitalAsset and manage their backup/sync to secured cloud storage using the TrackSub application for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

Restrict USB access to only authorized devices within a specific geographical area. This will prevent users from connecting unauthorized storage devices to the PC or using them outside of the permitted geographical area. You can also restrict copy, print and screen capture by groups or users.

Secure your cloud data on popular cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, AWS, Google Drive etc. with the SkyCrypt cloud encryption solution. We can help in migrating your existing physical servers to the cloud with our services. applications

Develop secure cloud applications by hosting them on a secure container platform that will make your applications faster, portable, scalable, secure and ready for integration with other cloud applications  Visit for more details.

Monitor cloud performance and optimize the performance and costs by periodic testing of latency, network bandwidth, IOPS, CPU availability and other critical parameters. We can conduct a 2 hours training during which the above processes are explained in detail. Please contact us to schedule a training at your office or at a location in Mumbai or Pune. Cost of the training is Rs.15,000/- for a group of up to 10 persons. We require 3 days prior confirmation in order to schedule the training.

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