Nikhil Thakkar,  Managing Director

Nikhil Thakkar has over 30 years experience in the IT industry starting off by founding Novasoft Systems in 1985. He  accumulated managerial and technical experience that was useful in incorporating Bicnet Infoservices Private Limited in 1995 in which Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) had acquired a 40% equity stake.

He has expertise in eCommerce solutions, Voice over IP systems, Mobile Applications architecture, Cloud Applications Deployment  and Internet of Things.

He is passionate about efficient utilization of energy in the IT industry which has driven the company to offer thin clients, cloud solutions and Green IT training.




Bhavna Thakkar,  Director

Bhavna Thakkar is a co-promoter of Bicnet Infoserivces Private Limited. She is a commerce gradudate with Honours and manages the financial matters in the company.

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